Spectacular Cajun Seafood Appetizer Ideas – A Dinner Treat

Spectacular Cajun Seafood Appetizer Ideas – A Dinner Treat

Cajun appetizers are a great alternative if you wish to add a little diversity to your dinner table. Instead of going for regular seafood opt for Cajun seafood to provide your guests with an unmatched dinner experience. Whether it is for a party or for a casual night’s meal, Cajun seafood appetizers are a perfect choice. Many people tend to focus on the main dish and end up ignoring the appetizers. But what most individuals don’t understand is that appetizers are just as important as your main course. This dish is responsible for awakening your tastebuds. And therefore, it will determine the course of the majority of your meal. Here, we have some of the most amazing Cajun seafood appetizers that you can easily make at home! For those of you who do not enjoy cooking at home visit Red Crab Juicy Seafood restaurant to enjoy some delicious Cajun seafood appetizers.

1. Cajun Broiled Shrimp

Cajun Broiled Shrimp

Cajun Broiled shrimp is a great appetizer to add to the menu. This is one of the easiest appetizers to make. All you need is shrimp and some simple seasonings along with a few Cajun spices. If you like you can also add butter and lemon for the extra zing. Fresh lemon juice adds a balance of flavor to the sauce. Moreover, prawns cook really quickly so it won’t take you much time to whip up this dish. However, you also have to be very careful to not burn the prawns. Serve this quick and simple prawn appetizer with rice or noodle. You can also serve it alone or pair it with beans.

2. Cajun Shrimp Toasts

Cajun Shrimp Toasts


Next up is another great Cajun seafood appetizer, the Cajun shrimp toasts. To create this yummy dish you will need prawns, French toast, garlic sauce, and Cajun seasoning. It is really a simple dish but equally as yummy. The essence of this dish lies in the seasoning you opt for when making the sauce. If you make the garlic sauce with the right kind of Cajun seasoning your shrimp toast appetizer will become unforgettable. You can also cut the toasts with a round cookie cutter for a clean finish. Toast them in the oven and serve fresh.

3. Corn Cakes and Cajun Shrimp

Corn Cakes and Cajun Shrimp

If you are familiar with crab cakes, then you can imagine this dish as a variant. This appetizer features minced shrimp tossed in Cajun spices and dipped in eggs and covered with flour. The shrimp is then pan-fried until golden crispy. Another special aspect of this dish is that it incorporates corn in three different forms, corn kernels, corn cream, and corn meal. These ingredients will help retain the moisture of the corn cakes and add sweetness to your dish. This way the dish is crispy from the outside and soft and yummy from the inside. While corn plays an important role in this dish, minced shrimp is the highlight. Fresh shrimp with a crispy coating will make you finish the dish in one go.


4. Poblano Peppers with Shrimp Stuffing

Poblano Peppers with Shrimp Stuffing

Poblano peppers are a key ingredient of Cajun cuisine. Combing poblano peppers with creamy shrimp stuffing creates an appetizer that is not only delicious in taste but also has an eye-catching appearance. To create this dish put together Manchego, basil, goat cheese, shrimp, and hot sauce. Season this mixture with Cajun seasonings and salt. Stuff this creamy mixture in washed poblano peppers and serve!

5. Barbecue Shrimp Appetizer

Barbecue Shrimp Appetizer

Cajun-style barbecue shrimp is a favorite appetizer of seafood lovers. This dish features shrimp cooked in butter and seasoned with Cajun seasonings. The butter and seasonings create a harmonious balance. However, to make things mess-free you can peel the shrimp beforehand. Toss it in seasoning and barbecue it. Top it off with butter and serve!

6. Shrimp Gumbo with Sausage

Shrimp Gumbo with Sausage

Just as the name suggests this dish features a combination of Cajun-style sausages and shrimp along with delicious gumbo. To create this dish, make gumbo using a mix. The key is to cook the butter and flour to perfection. Remember to constantly stir the mixture over the heat till it is golden brown. Remove it from the heat as soon as you stop stirring so that the mixture does not burn. Next, cook the shrimp until it turns opaque. Once done turn off the stove. Do not leave the shrimp on the heat for too long or it will get tough and chewy. Toss the sausages and shrimp in gumbo and season with Cajun spices. Serve your Cajun seafood appetizer with rice, fresh and hot!

7. Cajun Fried Crispy Shrimp

Cajun Fried Crispy Shrimp

Crispy Cajun-style fried shrimp is the perfect dinner appetizer. Deep-fried shrimp is already loved by all and when you add spicy Cajun seasoning to it, it becomes irresistible. The crispiness of the dough and the spicy Cajun seasoning topped with fresh lemon juice gives the shrimp an irresistible flavor. When it comes to Cajun-style dishes this one is truly a culinary masterpiece.

8. Cajun-Style Deviled Eggs

Cajun-Style Deviled Eggs


This appetizer makes the perfect dish to start your day with or start a dinner party with. Since it doesn’t take much time to make them you can quickly make a lot in a few hours. All you have to do is bulk fry them and you are ready to start off any party. Make this just like how you make any deviled eggs and add Cajun seasoning to it. Once the eggs are cooked and fried cut them from the middle and top them off with some diced prawns tossed in goat cheese and seasoning. Garnish with parsley and enjoy!

9. Andouille Sausage Puffs

Andouille Sausage Puffs

The andouille sausage puffs are an impressive appetizer due to their unique look. This dish features a layer of puff pastry surrounding the sausage. You can also serve this wonderful and delicious appetizer with honey dipping sauce for extra fun. It is simple yet the perfect treat for a cocktail party or a fancy dinner.

10. Spiced Pecans

Spiced Pecans

Lastly comes the most loved snack – the spiced pecans. This is the perfect appetizer for a Halloween party. Spicy pecan nuts are a snack that you would not want to miss out on. To create this, you will need Worcestershire sauce, ground mustard, cayenne pepper, and tabasco sauce. Toss the fried pecans in this mix and serve. This is one of those dishes that do not have to be hot when served. You can also mix them in a bowl of salad or toss them in cheese and enjoy.

Hiba Nadeem

Hiba Nadeem