Tips on Enjoying Crawfish in Greensboro

Tips on Enjoying Crawfish in Greensboro

When you head over to Greensboro, Texas, you will be welcomed by their heartwarming hospitality and delicious food. One of there must-try seafood delicacies is their famous crawfish boil. the most famous way of serving crawfish in Greensboro is in the form of a boil.

A crawfish boil is a traditional southern staple. While this dish is amazingly delicious, eating it can be quite messy. If you are not accustomed to eating crawfish around the local, twisting and snagging this delicious treat can be quite intimidating. But you don’t have to worry. With a few simple tips and tricks, you can learn how to enjoy this crustacean like a pro.

If you are heading to the sunny south for a vacation, you must squeeze in a few dinners of crawfish on your trip. This article covers everything you should know about enjoying crawfish. If you live in Greensboro or are visiting Greensboro for vacation you must try crawfish boil at Red Crab Juicy Seafood. They have the best crawfish boil in Greensboro and you surely would not like to miss out on it.

How to Eat a Crawfish Boil

Now that you are somewhat familiar with a crawfish boil lets learn how to devour a bowl of this mouthwatering goodness.

1. Have a Firm Grasp

Pulling the meat out of the crawfish can be challenging for beginners. However, the key to that is having a firm grasp. You can do this by holding the tail of the crawfish from both sides. With your thumb on one side and your index finger on the other.

2. Twist, Snap and Open

Next you would want to snap the tail of the crawfish in one go. Do this by creating a twisting motion from the head of the crawfish. Once you have done this you can suck the juices straight out of the crawfish’s head just like the locals would.

3. Its Time to Peel the Shell!

Now it’s time to peel the shell. You can begin to peel the shell from the tail of the crawfish. As it is the widest part and is easy to peel. Do so by using your thumbs and index finger.

4. Pull the Meat

Once you are done peeling, you will already see the meat of the crawfish. Hold the tip of the tail and tug the meat to release it. Once it’s out its time to enjoy!

5. Be Careful with Your Hands

Having a crawfish boil can be very messy, therefore, it is good if you keep washing your hand after small intervals. You can wash your hands after you have picked a few pounds of crawfish. So you can enjoy your meal without a mess.

When cooking a seafood boil, chefs use a lot of spice to create the delicious broth. You will see quite a lot of cayenne pepper; other types of spices and salt go into making the seafood boil. these spices are used to enhance the flavors of the crawfish and shrimp meat that are used when cooking a crawfish boil. The spices used are also a southern tradition. They help to replicate the traditional spicy Cajun treat.

But that’s what causes this dish to become really dangerous. When the crawfish is boiled in a well-seasoned water to make sure it is rich in flavor, it also gets all the crawfish covered in spice. This means that all the shell is coved in spice, which is then going to be all over your hands! However, there is no need to be afraid of this. Just be aware of this. This way you can mind your hands and avoid touching your face with it. Especially your eyes! Make sure you remember that cayenne pepper burns. Even when you wipe it with a paper towel.

Now you have another reason for washing your hands. Remember that washing with plain water won’t be enough. Even if you have washed your hands, it does not mean that there wont be any residual pepper left. Therefore, use soap every time you wash your hands, or you will end up with burning eyes or nose. Don’t be paranoid with this pepper and mess situation. Just be mindful and you’ll be golden!

6. Savor the Spice

When it comes to a crawfish boil in Greensboro people are aware of the sweet spot when it comes to the spice. If you are having a properly seasoned crawfish, then there is a possibility that your lips would start burning through the first pound of it. However, to truly enjoy the seafood boil you got to love the spice.

Try to enjoy the spice that comes your way when you attend a kmcrawfish boil party. Try to wash it down with beer or root beer. This will help you tolerate the spice. If spice is something that bothers you a lot, then you might consider keeping a milk-based drink with you. Milk can instantly neutralize the spice of cayenne pepper. But just keep this for emergencies. Because if you have a crawfish boil in Greensboro you should also enjoy the spice, otherwise its just an incomplete experience.

A Pro Tip: If you are invited to a crawfish boil party. Reach on time and when the food is served, try helping yourself to the first batch of crawfish. This will be lighter in spice as most of the spice settles down with time and the later batches of crawfish get too spicy. The last batch is almost always the spiciest of all. So, if you don’t love spice that much going for the earlier batches will be good for you.

Looking for the Best Crawfish Boil in Greensboro?

With this we come to an end of our tips on how to enjoy a seafood boil. If you are looking for the best crawfish boil in Greensboro, do not forget to head over to Red Crab Juicy Seafood. Our restaurant is voted the best by Restaurant Guru, so you definitely don’t want to miss out on all the seafood goodness we promise. We are famous around town for our seafood boil as having the best seafood boil in the area. Trust us, book a table today and enjoy the best!

Hiba Nadeem

Hiba Nadeem