Why Should You Include Seafood In Your Diet?

Why Should You Include Seafood In Your Diet?

Why should you include seafood in your diet?

The rich, unique flavor and a lot of variety – seafood is largely consumed by people across the world. It is cooked in different forms to accentuate the rich flavor and enjoy with different combinations. Whether it’s the crab boil or the delicious cajun seafood boil, no other food group can offer such rich and savory flavors. In addition, it offers endless benefits to our health, strengthens our immune system, and provides the needed energy to the brain.

If you’re making a diet plan for yourself or your family, you should be conscious of food choices and put considerate thought into what you are eating. And speaking of which, seafood is the best choice that fuels your mind and body and makes you feel the best.

In this blog, we’ll discuss the significance of seafood and what benefits it offers to your health in detail. So, without further ado, let’s begin!

A Lot Of Amazing Nutrients

Seafood contains rich nutrients, such as iron and vitamin B, that are essential for our bodies and mind. It comes with vitamin D which is also important for healthy bones and the immunity system. And In addition, shellfish and fish are the only foods rich in DHA (omega-3 oil) that hugely contribute to brain nourishment and functions. Indeed, it is one of the few food groups that deserve the straight-A when it comes to providing brain health.  On top of that, it protects you against dementia and memory loss.

Good for Heart

Having high levels of protein, seafood is essential for your heart health. Filled with omega 3s, it provides strength to your heart and eliminates the risk of cardiovascular diseases. Okay, this is something really powerful, seafood doesn’t only fills your appetite but helps protect your heart as well.

Boost your Brain

Want that extra brainpower? Simply add cajun seafood to your diet. It’s fascinating that

Seafood helps with brain growth in infants, children, and adults. Omega-3s play a major role in providing you with brainpower, boosting cognitive function, and reducing the risks of catching Alzheimer’s disease. So, give some extra power to your brain, start eating seafood more often if you haven’t already.

Better Skin

Want that gleaming, youthful, moisturized skin? Then start eating seafood 2 to 3 times a week. As seafood is highly rich in omega 3 and fatty acids, they actively reduce acne, moisturize skin and provide protection against UV rays. That’s the reason people who eat seafood and the crab boil more frequently have glowing and healthier skin.

Healthier Hair

Healthier, stronger, and voluminous hair is a dream to many, and it’s so hard to make your real hair look like that. It takes an effort, correct food, and products, to get your dream hair. And of course, eating seafood, especially fish makes your hair look shiny and strong. As seafood is packed with a lot of nutrients that help in increasing your hair length along with making it voluminous. Therefore, it is recommended to frequently include seafood and red crab boil in your meals.

Reduces joint and muscle pain

Seafood works wonders in reducing early aching and reducing pain and stiffness in your joints. In addition, it also helps in easing the symptoms of arthritis. So, as a rule of thumb, people who experience joint pain and arthritis symptoms must include seafood in their diet on daily basis.

Maintains a good eyesight

Eating seafood regularly can help maintain your good eyesight and prevent vision decline. Want to know another fun fact? Eating fish and shellfish can boost your night vision.

It’s also significant for pregnant women. According to research, mothers who eat seafood 2-3 times each week give birth to healthier babies, and they achieve milestones faster than other kids – liking speaking correct words, copying sounds, climbing stairs, and eating and drinking on their own. And it should be noted, according to the dietary guidelines for Americans (2020 to 2025), families should eat seafood twice a week at least.

The new year is the right time to start adding seafood to your diet if you haven’t already. Young or old, people of all age groups must include cajun seafood in their meal plans. As a matter of fact, adding seafood to your meals will help develop healthy eating habits in your kids early on. There are so many ways you can eat seafood, grill it, steam it, boil it, cook it with a pasta or rice combo, make the crab boil with the cajun seafood seasoning and there’s more you can do. So go ahead, and add seafood dishes to your meals, not only it’ll add variety to the dining table but you’ll get to enjoy the rich flavor with your family.

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Samantha Leonie

Samantha Leonie