Guide to the Best Beer and Seafood Pairings at Restaurants

Guide to the Best Beer and Seafood Pairings at Restaurants

Indulge in our savory seafood menu and savor the flavors of the ocean with the best complementing beer. It's crucial to choose the ideal appetizers, sides, and desserts to serve with your seafood supper. To draw out the full flavor of your seafood, having the correct beverage nearby is extremely important. A cool, crisp beer is one of the best beverages to pair with seafood when it comes to flavor.

Every foodie's mouth waters at the thought of pairing beer with seafood, yet not every individual know how to do it properly. It is very simple to order the wrong beer to go with your fish or shellfish when eating at the top seafood restaurant in Greensboro. Your food can end up being ruined, and nobody wants that.

Both the varieties of seafood and beer have a wide range of characteristics. Best beer and seafood pairings can be a little challenging because of these odd differences. The most important factor in any food and beer pairing is having a combination that you will appreciate. You'll be in big trouble if you decide to pair seafood and beer wrongly. Thus, avoid using a beer that you don't like even if you read it somewhere that you should pair it with your meal.

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    Having said that, there are some best beer and seafood pairings that you must try. We have some excellent recommendations for foodies who want to savor the seafood but are unsure about which beer to choose when they visit their favorite seafood restaurant.

    We have created a list of beers that pair well with a variety of delectable seafood meals with the assistance of our beer specialists and our skilled seafood experts at Red Crab Juicy Seafood Restaurant. They'll make the most of your seafood dining opportunity and serve you a hearty meal.

    Diverse Tastes of Beers

    Some people just drink the beverages without having their know-how and end up ruining their taste buds. Therefore, we have some important terminologies and definitions to describe the various tastes and flavors of beers. As a result, you will end up having the best beer and seafood pairings.


    The flavor profiles of these beers are primarily malt-driven; each may be expected to have some sweetness and strong malty overtones of nuts, toffee, caramel, toast, and fruit. These beers come in a variety of colors, from copper to dark brown, with light to heavy bodies and low to high alcohol content.

    Think biscuity, nutty, and toasted accents when thinking of these brews; they frequently mix a mildly crisp character with rich bready malt flavors. Stronger varieties may have a tinge of caramel, and the largest ones start to have raisin and fig undertones.

    Diverse Tastes of Beer

    Fruit and toffee brews have moderately fruity scents, as well as a robust malt backbone; caramelized, toffeeish flavors are blended with flavors of dried fruit, red apples, oranges, and plums.


    Crisp beers are more flavorful, lighter, and refreshingly crisp. They feature low to medium ABVs, light to medium-bodied, and colors that range from straw to amber.

    Delicate fruit varieties don't have a strong malt or hop flavor. However, they do have a hint of fruit flavor from the use of ale yeast, such as green apples, berries, or pear.

    Malt-accented brews exhibit a strong bready, almost biscuit-like, malt flavor in addition to their crisp characteristics. They lack the fruit and spice flavorings of most ales and display a considerably milder hop flavor than Pilsners.


    The focus of these brews is on the intense bitterness and mouthwatering scents that come from the liberal use of hops. Although these drinks often have considerable malt richness, hops always contribute to the strong taste. These beers range in the body from medium to full, color from yellow to brown, and alcohol content from low to high.

    Earthy and dry: Lighter and drier malt qualities, as well as earthy, hay-like, grassy, and woody hop notes, define the character of these beers.

    Malty backbone: These beers have a richer malt profile and body, with sparingly added hops and sometimes fruity flavors and a hint of caramel. The hops, which are very aromatic and reminiscent of pine and tropical fruit, nevertheless dominate the flavor balance.

    Strong, herbal, and citric: The beers are bursting with hop-driven flavors of citrus, resin, and tropical fruit due to the lighter malt flavor and the extensive use of very flavorful hops.

    Best Beer and Seafood Pairings

    Few alcoholic beverages go with seafood's flavor better than a cool, crisp beer. Get the information you require to know about the best beer and seafood pairings below to make the most of your meal from the seafood menu and the perfect beer on the table.

    Best Beer and Seafood Pairings


    IPAs are extremely bitter beers (IPA stands for India Pale Ale). Depending on the variety of hops or a combination of hops used, adding subtle notes of citrus, earth, bitterness, and sweetness. and, based on their ABV percentages, range in the body from light to medium (alcohol by volume). The components of IPA come together to form a beer that is wildly popular.

    Choice of seafood - Lobster

    This is where the best beer and seafood pairing can become a bit challenging. Unlike Pale Ales, IPAs are delightfully powerful beers that, if paired incorrectly, may prevent visitors from tasting anything else.

    The lobster enters the picture here. Buttery lobster is delicious. Between bites, the buttery flavor smooths and calms the palate as it balances the sharpness of the beer. Eat some lobster, drink some IPA, and repeat for ultimate perfection. Although every sort of beer goes well with lobster, however, some beers do go well with lobster while others don't. The ideal beers to have on hand for biting into sweet, soft chunks of lobster are American single IPA, Belgian Tripel, and wheat beer. All three of them have a tendency to edge on the bitter side of things, which a sweet, buttery lobster can easily overcome.

    Wheat beer and Belgian-style beer

    In keeping with the theme of the high school seafood pairing awards, Belgian-style and wheat beers might be the winner. These beers are famous for their punch of citrus and zest—the gold standard of flavors for seafood pairings.

    These distinct smells and scents are produced by a combination of particular yeast and wheat.

    Wheat beer and Belgian style beer

    Choice of seafood: Mussels and Spiced Shrimp

    There aren't many things tastier than a steaming pot of mussels cooked in a tasty sauce. In addition to your mussels, one of those items is a crisp lager to enjoy. Moules-frites, or mussels and fries, is one of Belgium's national meals. Hence, it stands to reason that a Belgian-style brew and mussels would be a delicious combination. While the wheat beer that is unique to Belgium goes well with mussels.

    Beer and mussels go together like peas and carrots—you need to have both on hand. Also, you can enjoy spicy seafood—particularly seasoned shrimp—and wheat beers together. The effervescent carbonation, along with the citrus flavors, may chill even the most spicy tongue.

    Lagers and Pilsners

    Lagers and Pilsners

    Ales and Lagers are the only two different types of beers.

    Pilsners are extremely crisp and clean ales that have more floral overtones and are slightly more flavorful than lagers. The Czechs are experts in beer, and they have made a truly remarkable contribution to the globe.

    Lagers are the go-to beers for everyday consumption and are where brewers typically experiment with alternative grains (like corn, rice, and oats).

    With their increased amounts of carbonation and significantly less hop flavor than most of the other beers on the list above, lagers are frothy fun. Because of this, they lean more toward sweetness than bitterness.

    Choice of seafood: Crab Cakes, Blue Crabs, King Crab Legs

    These beers much be crab lovers due to the immense flavor they express when combined with crabs. The heightened flavor of the beer and the elevated flavor of a typical crab cake go well together, therefore you may pair a Pilsner with crab cakes.

    A Lager is the drink of choice when choosing crabs either blue crabs or king crab legs. The rich crab meat and the beer's crisp, clear flavor go together beautifully.

    Snow crab and Alaskan king crab in particular have meat that is particularly sweet and flavorful. You need light, sharp, slightly bitter beers to counteract that flavor. A lager may work based on the bitterness, but pilsner is your best option.

    Other Seafood Options That Require Perfect Beer Pairing

    Although we have already listed quite a few best beer and seafood pairings above, still we are left with many of them. It is because the list of items on the seafood menu goes on and on and they also require the beer that complements well with them. Here we have them below:

    Shrimp Scampi

    Shrimp scampi is a delicious meal with something like a buttery and garlicky flavor. An IPA or pale ale enhances the delicacy by breaking through the butter's richness with a crisp, hoppy flavor. It's essential to choose a beer with a flavor that is robust enough to counteract the richness of the shrimp scampi.


    Clams have a flavor that is a bit sweet and salty and goes well with sour beer. The beer's tangy undertones complement the clams' sweet undertones and counterbalance their saltiness. Be on the lookout for German Berliner Weisse or Belgian Gueuze.

    Other Seafood Options that Require Perfect Beer Pairings

    Fish Tacos

    Beer that won't overshadow the delicate flavors of the fish is ideal for fish tacos. A Mexican-style lager has a light, crisp, and refreshing flavor that complements the dish's spiciness. Another option is a pale ale, especially if it has a lemony or floral aroma to go with the fish.

    In conclusion, it's critical to look for beers that don't dominate the subtle taste of the fish when combining beer and seafood. Beer shouldn't overshadow the food; it should instead enhance it. Using this guidance as a starting point, then experiment to find new combinations that taste well to you.

    Half-Shell Oysters

    The taste of oysters on the half-shell is delectably salty and somewhat sweet. Both beer and pilsner go nicely with them. These beers have a fresh, clean flavor that won't overshadow the oysters' delicate flavor. If you want a more fruity and hopped flavor, a light ale may also work.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How to pair beer with oysters?

    Oysters have a powerful, salty flavor that can compete with the stout's thick mouthfeel and chocolatey undertones. Therefore, the best beer and seafood pairing for oysters is stout.

    What sort of seafood complements well with beer?

    Crab Legs, scallops, mussels, lobsters, shrimp, and much more dishes complement seafood. 

    Does Red Crab offer the beer of choice?

    Red Crab Juicy Seafood has an onsite Bar service to provide you with any sort of beer that goes well with your seafood.

    Which beer is suitable for spicy foods?

    Spicy foods go well with an American-style lager that is clear, crisp, and light-bodied. The cool lager will take the edge off the heat without diluting the strong taste of the meal.


    Above were all the best beer and seafood pairings for you. From now onwards, you will never end up pairing the wrong beer and seafood combinations.

    Hiba Nadeem

    Hiba Nadeem