The Ultimate Restaurant-Style Broiled Lobster Tail Recipe

The Ultimate Restaurant-Style Broiled Lobster Tail Recipe

Looking for the ultimate broiled lobster tail recipe to impress your loved ones? We at Red Crab are here to save your day with our signature recipe for lobster tails! Sit tight and dive deep into the world of delicious seafood. 

Lobsters are the seafood that you cannot ignore! Their flavorful aroma will definitely attract you to its soft, tender, and juicy meat.

Lobster is a classic seafood dish famous for its succulent and delectable flavor. Seafood has an excellent reputation among many seafood enthusiasts worldwide for its distinct flavor and adaptability in the cooking process.

The Nephropidae family of crustacean crustaceans incorporates lobsters. The four basic types of lobster are clawed, slipper, deep sea, and spiny lobsters. The two most common varieties are American and European lobster. Lobsters live in saltwater environments worldwide, from the rocky beaches of Maine to the coral reefs of Australia.

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    The meat of the lobster is its most precious part, and its claws are highly prized. The meat is sweet and delicate with a somewhat salty flavor. There are numerous ways to prepare it, such as boiling, steaming, grilling, and baking. In addition to being a fantastic source of protein, lobster also has a fair amount of calories and fat.

    Because of its high cost, lobster frequently has an aura of a luxury food item. Two elements contributing to this are its popularity at luxurious restaurants and its limited availability. Lobster fisheries must abide by strict regulations in order to avoid overfishing and ensure sustainable practices. It is because they are already scarcely available and when they overfish lobsters, they might get extinct.

    Today we will share a delicious Broiled Lobster Tail recipe that will leave you craving more. Furthermore, we will also guide you in buying the best lobsters, tips, and tricks to cook them perfectly, as well as their ideal wine pairings. So let us begin.

    Ways To Prepare Lobster Tails

    Just like we can prepare crab legs in various ways, cooking lobster tails is also not a big deal. There are multiple ways in which we can prepare lobster tails. A few of them are below.


    Cut the lobster tails into two halves before grilling them for decorative grill lines. Set the heat on your grill to medium-high. Place the tail halves, meat side down, on the grill. Brush them with cooking oil.

    Depending on size, cook for 8 to 10 minutes, or until the shells turn bright red and the flesh has become tender but not chewy and rubbery. Serve hot.

    Ways to prepare lobster tails


    To steam lobsters, fill a steamer pot with cold water until it is completely submerged by about 2-3 inches of water. Then, get the water to a rolling boil.

    Cover the steamer basket with the lid after adding the lobster tails. Using the one-minute-per-ounce procedure, steam the tails.

    As soon as they are done, use tongs to delicately pull the lobster tails from the basket of the steamer and serve them with melted butter.


    In a big pot, bring 6 cups of water and 1.5 tsp of salt to a boil in order to cook 4 lobster tails. Cook your lobster tails for 8-12 minutes, depending on their size and quantity.

    When ready, the meat should be soft and the shells will be of vibrant red color. Put a wooden or metal skewer down the length of your tails to prevent them from rolling up in the water.


    Activate the broiler. Cut through the topmost layer of the lobster tail shell lengthwise.

    Brush the halves with butter and, if desired, season with salt and pepper as well.

    It should take 5 to 10 minutes to broil a lobster tail until the shells are vibrant red and the flesh is opaque.


    To ensure uniform dispersion of heat during baking, butterfly your lobster tails.

    Place the lobster tails in a pan with some water and preheat the temperature of the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit.

    Bake the tails after buttering them. Compared to the other techniques, baking them requires a little more time; plan on 1.5 minutes per ounce.

    How To Buy The Best Lobster Tails?

    How to buy the best lobster tails

    We’ll help you to select the tastiest and the freshest lobsters to make lobster tails. You just have to consider the following techniques.

    As we already told you that there are four basic types of lobsters out of which you have to look for only clawed lobsters and spiny lobsters.

    Secondly, you have to differentiate between the cold water and warm water lobsters.

    For its delicious, briny richness, cold water lobster ranks above all other types. The most popular places for this cold-water treat are Maine and Canada and with good reason.

    The northern Atlantic's chilly waters enable lobsters to develop more slowly, which results in more soft meat. These lobsters typically have more flesh than warm-water lobsters since they are bigger on average.

    Warm water lobster is a less expensive alternative that is typically less tasty. The only component of these lobsters that can be eaten is their tails due to their size and lack of meat. There hasn't been any proof that color influences taste, despite the fact that warm-water lobster meat tends to be darker than that of white, cold-water lobster.

    Thirdly, go for Maine lobster as it is quite popular among seafood enthusiasts and they tend to order it often at seafood boil restaurants. It is because the Maine lobsters have juicy and succulent meat with a blast of flavors in it.

    So this was to select the best specie of lobster for your lobster tails. However, now we are going to tell you what should you look for to buy fresh lobster having fresh meat.

    Avoid buying them if the tail meat has any coloring. Look for any black spots or discoloration on the flesh. Examine the meat carefully and stay away from any cuts that have even the slightest sign of turning yellow, dullness, or discoloration.

    Check the label or request to find out if the fish supplier washed the tails in sodium tripolyphosphate prior to freezing them. Avoid purchasing these lobster tails.

    Additionally, the tails shouldn't have any grey in them. If the tails are grey, they won't be of good quality and might even be a sign suggesting the lobster was already dead during processing.

    Don't buy thawed lobster tails. You can buy frozen tails and defrost them in the refrigerator shortly before cooking.

    The Recipe

    After buying the right lobster meat for your lobster tail recipe, enter the kitchen and begin the procedure. We are going to make the restaurant-style broiled lobster tail. Let’s look at the ingredients required to cook them.


    • 4 tails of lobster
    • ¼  cup of melted butter.
    • cooking oil, ¼  cup
    • 1 tablespoon minced garlic.
    • Lemon juice, 2 to 3 teaspoons
    • 1 paprika teaspoon
    • Cayenne pepper (optional) ¼  pinch
    • 1-2 teaspoons of chopped, minced thyme.
    • Salt and pepper, according to taste
    Recipe for Broiled lobster tails


    Set the oven to broil.

    Combine the butter, oil, garlic, lemon juice, paprika, cayenne pepper, minced thyme, salt, and pepper in a small bowl.

    Thoroughly mix by stirring. Place aside.

    Cut the top portion of the lobster shell longitudinally along the middle, but stop before reaching the tail, using kitchen shears or scissors. To remove the meat from the shell while keeping the fin end attached, cut the shell again at a point away from the center on both sides downward; lift the meat and place it on top of the shell.

    Making sure all of the meat is coated with the spice combination, brush the lobster tail with the olive oil-garlic mixture.

    Place on a baking sheet or 9x13 casserole dish. For around 25 to 30 minutes, marinate it in the refrigerator covered with plastic wrap.

    Place on the upper-middle rack of a preheated oven.

    For 8 to 10 minutes, or until the meat is opaque and white, broil lobster.

    Take out and serve right away to get the full flavor.

    Tips and Tricks

    You may use red chili powder in place of cayenne powder.

    You can also use parsley to season the lobster tail once they are out of the oven, ready to be served.

    Ideal wine pairings with Broiled Lobster Tails

    Ideal Wine Pairing with Broiled Lobster Tail

    India Pale Ales, or IPAs, are exceptionally bitter brews. Depending on the type or blend of hops used, it may impart hints of citrus, earth, bitter, and sweet taste. Wines range in body weight from low to moderate (alcohol by volume), according to their ABV levels. The elements of IPA combine to create a beer that is immensely popular.

    Contrary to pale ales, IPAs are deliciously strong brews that, if served with the wrong foods, may prohibit customers from enjoying anything else.

    Here, the lobster enters the scene. Lobster with butter is excellent. Between bites, the buttery flavor balances the harshness of the beer while calming the palate. For ultimate excellence, consume some lobster, sip some IPA, and then repeat.

    Despite the fact that all types of beer pair well with lobster, some beers work better than others. Wheat beer, Belgian Tripel, and American single IPA are the best beers to keep available for chewing into sweet, soft bits of lobster. Each of them has the propensity to lean towards bitterness, which a sweet, buttery lobster will readily outweigh.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Which method is the best to cook lobsters, broiling or baking?

    Both methods are perfect as they both retain the succulent and juicy flavor of the lobster.

    Which salt is the best for seasoning Maine lobster?

    Maine sea salt is the best for seasoning Maine lobster so you can get its signature flavor.

    Do I wash the tails before cooking them?

    Rinse the tails off from their shells to remove any dirt or debris from them.

    How can I make my lobster tails very tender?

    Butterflying the lobster tails is the best option to make them tender.


    With the help of this wonderful recipe for a restaurant-style broiled lobster tail, you can indulge in a distinctive and delectable seafood treat at home. You can produce a culinary wonder that will leave your taste senses begging for more by following a few easy steps and using the appropriate components. With this superb recipe for lobster tail, wow your family and friends, and they'll always remember your culinary skills.

    Hiba Nadeem

    Hiba Nadeem