How to Eat Crawfish at a Seafood Boil Restaurant

How to Eat Crawfish at a Seafood Boil Restaurant

When it comes to savoring a seafood boil, handling the crawfish in it can be tricky. If you are planning to dine at a seafood boil restaurant, be mindful that it won’t just be any regular dinner, it would be a full-blown seafood experience. This means, selecting the perfect dish and being fully equipped to enjoy it to the maximum.

In this article, we’ll guide you on how to make the most of this delicious comfort food and where you will find the best seafood boil in Greensboro. We break down all the basics for you, including tips on how to enjoy this crustacean in the best way possible. So, let’s get started!

The Best Crawfish Seafood Boil in Greensboro

Those who harbor a love of Southern cuisine would know that crawfish is a staple of Louisiana-style seafood. Whether you know them as crawfish, crawdads, mudbugs, or as any one of their multiple names, these crustaceans have been a Cajun culinary tradition for a long time.

Many individuals describe the flavor of crawfish meat as a cross between lobster and shrimp. Crawfish meat has a distinct sweet flavor that complements the classic mix of Cajun spices just well. While this Cajun dish tastes exemplary, eating crawfish can be intimidating. Especially because they are traditionally served with the shell on.

This article covers all the things you need to know about having a crawfish seafood boil. Once you are through, all you’ll need is to head over to the restaurant which serves the best seafood boil in Greensboro. And guess what? We’ve also got the perfect place for you! Red Crab Juicy Seafood restaurant is the one to-go-to when it comes to getting the best seafood. This Louisiana-style seafood restaurant will serve you authentic Cajun seafood that will leave you in a daze of flavors.

How to Eat Crawfish?

If you’ve ever noticed a southerner eat crawfish, you would notice that there is a certain technique to it. Some would even say that it is a skill that southerners are born with. However, that does not mean that you can not acquire it. Let’s get ready to dive right into the steps of eating crawfish.

First, take the crawfish in your hand and look closely. You will see a line where the head and the tail end meet. Place your thumbs on either side of the crawfish and firmly push both ends together. Then in one swift motion, separate the two.

Once you have the head and the tail separate, locate the first ring on the widest part of the shell of the crawfish tail. Peel it off, just like you would peel off the shell of a shrimp. With the help of your index fingers pinch the end of the tail and grab onto the meat with your other hand and pull it out. When it comes to the head, you can suck out the head directly. It has flavorful juices that are generally known as crawfish butter.

Once done with one crawfish, discard the empty shells and move on to the next. You would also need plenty of napkins as dealing with crawfish is a messy business. If you come to Red Crab Juicy Seafood to enjoy your crawfish boil, then we will give you a bib with extra napkins to make it mess-free!

Which Parts of Crawfish to Eat?

You will find the most flavorful and slightly sweet crawfish meat in the tail. But this does not mean you have to throw out the rest of the crawfish. While many prefer to feast on just the tail, a true crawfish enthusiast will enjoy the delicious head too. The head of the crawfish holds a sweet and briny juice that is essentially the highlight of a crawfish seafood boil. Individuals worldwide consider this a delicacy. You can easily enjoy this treat once you pull the head and the tail apart.

Crawfish Dishes That Are a Must-try

Crawfish is the star ingredient of most Cajun dishes. Moreover, you can add them to other seafood dishes to give them a southern spin. Here are some of the crawfish dishes that are a must-try.

Seafood Boil

Enjoying crawfish as a part of the classic seafood boil is the ultimate experience of southern tradition. A seafood boil can feature many varieties of seafood and shellfish. The meat is cooked in a blend of savory sauces and spices to bring together a delicious dish. One with crawfish is most loved by people all over the States. Here at Red Crab, you can get your seafood boil as per your preferences. You can choose from a variety of shellfish options, different sauces and add-ons like sausages and veggies. Moreover, you can also adjust the spice of the dish according to your choice.


Gumbo is also a Cajun favorite which comes packed with tons of flavor. It is a hearty Louisiana-style stew that is made with crawfish, shrimp, sausage and rice. You can also try this out if you wish to have an ultimate experience of southern cuisine.

Experience the Classic Southern-Style Seafood Boil At Red Crab Juicy Seafood

Why get yourself tired by cooking at home when you can head out and enjoy this delicious cuisine at Red Crab Juicy Seafood. Here at Red Crab, you will find the most fresh seafood cooked in the perfect blend of authentic Cajun spices. Whether you are craving a classic seafood boil or one with the added fun of crawfish, leaving the cooking to a professional is your best bet. So, all you have to do is sit back and enjoy, without any hassle.

Red Crab isn’t just any other seafood restaurant, it is a community of seafood enthusiasts who put together the ultimate experience of southern cuisine for you. Our expert chefs at Red Crab are passionate about introducing people to the authentic and incredible flavors of Cajun cuisine. Here at Red Crab you will find a big menu with a variety of seafood dishes for both lunches and dinner. We serve authentic Cajun style seafood along with the best seafood boil in Greensboro. So why wait? Join us at Red Crab and become a part of our passionate seafood community now! And if you do not feel like leaving the sanctuary of your home then Red Crab offers you your crawfish fix at your doorstep. You can opt for takeaway or delivery and enjoy a delicious meal with Red Crab!



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