9 Types of Lobsters You Should Know About

9 Types of Lobsters You Should Know About

Most of the seafood restaurants in Greensboro have lobster as their popular and signature dish. And it’s no wonder why. Lobsters are culinary classics that taste sweet and flavorful. Plus, it has a tender and delicately firm texture which distinguishes it from other seafood. Many places like Red Crab Juicy Seafood cooks them alive to enhance the richness of the flavor.

However, not every lobster is the same. Some have claws while others have spines. They not only vary in color but also in quality, taste, and price. Thus, being aware that whether the money you are spending in your favorite seafood restaurant in Greensboro for lobster is worth the hustle is very important.

Hence, we are breaking down the 9 different types of lobsters along with their defining characteristics that you should know before cooking or savoring a delicious meal.

Maine Lobster

Maine Lobster

Maine lobster or clawed lobster belongs to the Homarus americanus family. They are the most popular kind of lobster among the seafood restaurants of Greensboro because it has juicy and tender claw meat. In addition, it also has meat in the tail. Hence, it serves more meat per pound than other types of lobsters. This is also why they are a bit more expensive than others.

Claw lobster has a rich and flavorful, sweet, and briny taste. Moreover, the tail meat is firm and fibrous. They are in season all year. However, June to December marks its prime.

Caribbean Spiny Lobster


Caribbean Spiny Lobster

The Caribbean lobster has rough spines that cover their bodies and reddish-brown shell. Instead of claws, they have antennae-like structures covering their eyes. They are mostly famous because of their tail meat.

The Caribbean lobster has a sweet and delicate taste. Also, they are very soft in texture. However, the quality of taste and textures of spiny Caribbean lobsters depends dramatically on their handling. This is because they have a comparatively shorter lifespan and must be kept alive until cooked.

California Spiny Lobster

California Spiny Lobster

California spiny lobsters are mostly from the coast of Monterey Bay, CA, to Mexico. They can grow up to 24 inches. From October to march, they are commercially sold and shipped around the globe.

Spiny California lobsters have 25% more meat per pound. Also, they are sweeter in taste than Maine lobster and have a firm texture. However, unlike Maine lobsters, they don’t have claws. Instead, they use their spine and tail to protect themselves.

Rock Lobster

Rock Lobster

Rock lobsters are spiny lobsters from the western coast of Australia. They have strong and colorful carapaces. Rock lobster gets their name from their rostral spines. In addition, they have hundreds of pointy spines over their carapaces.

Australian rock lobsters have firm meat with a mildly sweet flavor. Unlike Atlantic lobsters, they have a more muted flavor. Hence, they require more seasoning to make a great dish. But with perfect seasoning, they taste smooth and soft. The tail of an average rock lobster weighs about 8 to 10 ounces.

South African Cold-Water Lobster

South African lobsters

The South African Cold-water lobster is the “Rolls-Royce” of lobsters. It is mostly famous for its scrumptious and rich lobster tail. South African lobsters incorporate the best features of both claws and no claws categories. They don’t have claws or oversized tails. However, their meat is comparatively sweeter and has a firmer texture. Also, they have steak-like muscular tails which have a reddish-orange color.

South African lobsters are often from the South Coast of Africa or Palinurus Gilchrist at Turlock. The prime season to harvest them is from November to April.

Reef Lobster

Reef Lobsters

Reef lobster also has claws. However, they are not the same as clawed lobsters. The majority of the reef lobster are purple or orange in color with markings. The beautiful color of such lobsters is mainly the reason they are kept in aquariums. They are omnivores or nocturnal. Thus, fish keepers keep them separate from their other fish.

Slipper Lobster

Slipper Lobsters

Slipper lobster is another lobster species that has antennas instead of claws. Also, they bury themselves in mud instead of holes like other lobsters. This mud gives them a taste that is not very desirable. This is the main reason they are not very popular like other commercial lobsters among the seafood-eating community.

The flat faces of the slipper lobster are their distinguishable features. The slipper lobsters are in season from around November to April. The tail meat of slipper lobster is sweet and tasty. In addition, the lobster meat is white and firm. Even though it doesn’t beat the taste of Maine lobsters, they still taste delicious and versatile. Also, they are relatively economical.

New Zealand Rock Lobster

New Zealand Rock Lobsters

The New Zealand lobsters often come from deep waters of the South Pacific coastal range. They have a deep scarlet shell which makes beautiful plating. There are two different popular species of New Zealand rock lobster. 1) The spiny rock lobster and 2) The packhorse rock lobster.

Regardless of their different colors and textures, the lobster meat of New Zealand lobster is smooth and firm. It has a buttery-velvet taste that melts in the mouth. In addition, it has a mildly sweet and meaty taste.

The price of New Zealand lobster depends upon how far it needs to travel. The prime season for these lobsters is between May and February.

Canadian Lobsters

Canadian Lobsters

The Canadian Lobsters come from the cold waters of the coastal range. They are often confused with Maine lobster because they belong to the same Homarus americanus family. Unlike soft-shell lobster, these hard-shell lobster has firmer meat. Also, it has an exceptionally sweeter and more refined taste. Studies prove that it has more nutrition than other types of lobster. It is also low in fat and rich in protein content.

The Canadian lobster has delicate white and much denser meat. Its fresh and unique taste is also because of fast and efficient preserving methods on the coast. Therefore, frozen Canadian lobsters cost more than live Canadian lobsters. The best season for these lobsters is from October to January and between June and July.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the different names of lobsters?

The other common names for lobster are spiny lobster, crayfish, true lobster, and crawfish.

What is the most common lobster?

Maine and Canadian lobster of the Homarus americanus family is the most commonly and commercially caught lobster. Second to them is the European lobster from the Homarus Gammarus family

What are the best lobsters to eat?

Maine lobsters are the best lobsters to eat. They are widely preferred because of their juicy claw meat and sweet and meaty tails.

Who Serves the best lobsters?

Red Crab Juicy Seafood serves the best, most delicious, and most authentic lobsters in Greensboro. It is the top-voted seafood restaurant in Greensboro by Restaurant Guru.


Lobster is the most delicious and mouthwatering dish on the seafood menu. However, not every lobster is the same. If you are looking for the best and most savory lobster dishes in town, visit Red Crab Juicy Seafood and try some of their amazingly delicious lobster on the menu.

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