Crab Vs Lobster Which is the Healthier Choice

Crab Vs Lobster Which is the Healthier Choice

Crabs and lobster are one of the most famous and delicious seafood. This seafood has many health benefits. Crabs and lobster are the most loveable foods that are present on any restaurant’s crab dinner menu. However, you cannot ignore their health benefits. These are very good for your heart health, improve your digestion, and increase your immunity. Experts recommend eating seafood twice a week. So, you should surely add a crab dinner menu to your daily life.

Nutritional value of lobsters

Lobsters are a very delicious meal when grilled, steamed, or boiled. You can add lobsters to your pasta, salads, and soup. When we talk about its nutritional value, one pound of lobster has 115 calories, 24 g of proteins, and less than 1g of fat. Lobsters are high in selenium, which is very good for your immune system. In addition, lobsters may have higher cholesterol concentrations. So, three ounces of lobster has 72 mg of cholesterol. If you want to add butter to your lobsters, then two ounces of butter have 400 calories with 25g of saturated fat. You can go with lemon to add flavor with zero calories.

Nutritional value of crab

Crab has sweet and succulent meat. There is much nutrition in crab meat. If you want to take three ounces of crab meat it has only 98 calories. In addition, it has 20 g of protein with only 1 g of fat. If you boiled, steamed, or grilled your crabs it is a great source of vitamins A, B, and C. In addition, it also has many minerals such as zinc and copper. Moreover, the crab has chromium that increases insulin production. If you are facing high blood pressure and, on a sodium,-restricted diet then you may not go for crab. A 3-ounce crab has 300 mg of sodium.

The taste difference between lobster and crab

Many people want to know which is better in taste, a crab, or a lobster. Here we answer your question: Crabs, are usually more delicious than lobsters. The reason is that crab meat is juicy, sweet, and soft. Crab meat is very good for health as they have high amounts of proteins, vitamins, and iodine.

On the other hand, if we talk about lobsters, are more expensive than crabs. Lobsters are thought of as a specialty, so their prices are high. Their taste is so good and heavenly delicious. Crab meat is chewy as compared to crabs. Irrespective of their delicious flavor and taste, they have a pleasant aroma. The most delicious part of the lobster is the lobster tail. Lobster tails are very popular.

What should we choose – Crab or lobster?

There are many benefits to both of them. If you want to choose between lobster and crabs, it depends on a person’s choice. Both of this seafood have almost the same benefits for the nutrition of your body. As lobsters and crabs provide you with vitamins and minerals. Choosing between this seafood depends on your taste preferences too. If you want sweater meat, then you should go for crab meat if you want chewer texture meat you should go for lobsters.

It is a tough choice of choosing between a crab and a lobster as it has many health benefits. Lobsters and crabs both belong to the same family. The main difference between crabs and lobsters is their look. As they both have different physical features. Crabs are round and smaller in shape. Whereas lobsters are significantly larger than crabs. Crabs meat is more popular than lobster because they are sweeter. This is the reason people love to eat crab because of its softness and sweetness. So, you can surely add a crab dinner menu to your diet.

Health benefits of lobster

Lobster meat is chewy and saltier, but it has health benefits as well. Lobster meat has many nutrients like vitamins and proteins. These essential nutrients and firmness of meat make lobsters taste richer. Crabs and lobsters both have many nutrients like iron. Its meat can control cancers. Its meat aids in strengthening your immune system. In addition, it also strengthens your blood vessels and arteries. Lobster meat has a great effect on our nervous system.

Health benefits of Crab

Crabs meat is heavenly and delicious as it is juicy and soft. If you eat crab regularly, it can slow the process of aging. You can also get a healthy digestive system by eating crabs. Crab meat also helps in conditioning your hair, skin, and nails. In addition, crab meat has many essentials like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, vitamins, potassium, and iron. These nutrients make this seafood a treat as your body becomes healthy eating crabs every time.

Crabs meat is easy to find and has less price than lobsters. Crabs are found at reasonable prices while lobsters are a luxury item. Among these two crabs have high value as they improve heart health, beauty, age, and quality of life. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is lobster healthier than crab?

Lobsters are very healthy food packed with DHA and EPA. Lobsters are very high in proteins with high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids. In addition, it has minerals and vitamins for maximum health benefits. However, lobsters and crabs have almost the same health benefits for your body.

Which has more cholesterol, crab, or lobster?

Shellfish like lobster or crabs have high proportions of cholesterol especially dependent on their sizes. For example, one serving of king crabs has 71 mg of cholesterol and lobsters have 61 mg of cholesterol in one serving. So, crabs have more cholesterol as compared to lobsters.

Is crab the healthiest meat?

Possibly, crab is the healthiest meat among all meats. Crab meat is a high source of protein. It has more proteins per 100 grams than any other meat. It has some levels of saturated fats that link with heart diseases.

Which is healthier, shrimp or crab?

Crab meat has high proteins and fewer calories or fat than shrimp. Crab has less cholesterol as compared to shrimp. In addition, it has many vitamins. Crabs have slightly more sodium amount than shrimps. This may not be good for people having high blood pressure.


Carbs and lobster are both packed with many essential nutrients. It is very hard to say which one is healthier between these two. Regularly eating crabs and lobster prevents you from heart disease, increases your immunity, and helps in the nourishment of your body.

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