Simple Tips for Cooking Lobster at Home

Simple Tips for Cooking Lobster at Home

Cooking lobster at home is a simple and quick method. You can boil, steam, or bake your lobsters. Steaming is the best way to cook them, as with this method, meat does not lose its flavor. When you have a gathering at home, the seafood dinner menu is the best choice for seafood lovers. However, if you cannot prepare a meal for some reason, Red Crab Juicy Seafood is the ultimate choice for everyone to enjoy the best seafood dinner menu. They have the best variety of seafood with authentic Cajun taste.

Let us discuss the cooking method and techniques for best-tasting lobsters at home.

Ways To Cook Lobster at Home

Ways To Cook Lobster At Home

Lobsters should cook alive because they decay very rapidly. Their decay will release toxins inside the meat and affect the texture and flavor of lobster meat. Bacteria will rapidly grow inside dead lobsters which may become the cause of food poisoning. Cooking fresh lobster will prevent you from all these problems. There are mainly two ways to cook lobster. One is boiling and the other is steaming. Let us discuss how you can cook lobster from both ways.

Boiled Lobster

Boiled Lobster

This is the best way to cook a whole lobster. For boiling lobster, you have to place a large pot of water on the stove. Add salt to it and bring it to a boil over high heat. When the water starts boiling, place the whole lobster in boiling water. The head of the lobster should go downward. Cook the lobster for 8-9 minutes. Cooking time depends on the weight of the lobsters. When the lobster turns bright red and is thoroughly cooked, then remove it from the water. After this process let it cool for 5 minutes. Serve this boiled lobster with melted butter. If you cook lobster using a boiling method, it ensures thorough cooking, and the lobster does not lose its flavor. And it is one of the quickest methods to cook lobster sat home.

Steamed Lobster

Take 3–4-inch water pans for steaming lobsters. Put this water to boiling. Add lobsters to it and cover it with the lid. Steam lobster for 10-11 minutes depending on the size of the lobster. After steaming, remove it from the pot. Let the steamed lobsters cool down for a few minutes. Serve this steamed lobsters with your favorite sauces. Steamed lobsters are generally tender and juicier than boiled lobsters.

Tips For Cooking the Perfect Lobster

If you put your fresh lobsters inside the freezer for 20 minutes before cooking it, it will make the lobsters sleep. In this way, you will handle lobsters very easily.

It is important to leave bands on the claws as it is difficult to remove bands from live lobsters.

Always select active lobsters. Go for those lobsters that have long antennae and are not broken.

With the help of a knife, you can poke a few holes in the lobster’s body to release excess water.

Sides Dishes Served with Lobsters

There are many options for side dishes that you can serve with cooked lobsters at home. Let us discuss a few of them.

Pasta Salad

This is the best side dish that goes very well with cooked lobsters. Try this pasta salad with lots of veggies and a lemon dressing. You can also add red pepper, carrots, and zucchini to your pasta salad. Toss these ingredients with pasta and enjoy it with lobsters.


Coleslaw is a classic dish served with lobsters. It is light, sweet, crunchy, and peppery in taste. It has a zesty flavor which goes very well with lobster flavors. You can also make coleslaw in lime, orange juice, sugar, oil, and salt dressing. Mix this dressing with veggies like green onion, bell pepper, and cilantro. For more heat, you can add some jalapeno to it.

Corn On Cob

Corn on the cob is the best combination with lobsters. Lobsters and corn have many common things like both of these are sweet. Butter goes very well with both of them. It is very easy to prepare and manage lobsters with corn on the cob having melted butter on it. The best way to cook corn on the cob is to boil it. Boil it in a large pan with some salt for 5 minutes. You can also bake it in the microwave for 5-6 minutes.


When you want a quick recipe, bread is the perfect side dish for you. You can freshly bake bread at home, or you can get them from a nearby local bakery. You have to pick high-quality fresh bread with lobsters. Bread should have a soft and fluffy inside texture. You should not slice your bread to keep it fresh for a longer time. Or you can cover your fresh bread with foil to keep it moistened and softened for a long time.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make the Best-Tasting Lobster?

To make the best-tasting lobsters at home, add salt and pepper to the meat. Whisk butter, garlic, thyme, rosemary, paprika, and parsley together. Spread this mixture on the lobster for about 8-10 minutes and bake in the oven until the meat is slightly brown from the top.

How Do You Cook the Most Tender Lobster?

Steaming makes the most tender lobsters. Steaming is the most preferred method to cook lobster. As with steam, the lobster will cook thoroughly from all sides. This will make meat more tender from the inside and outside. Always pick fresh lobsters for cooking to enjoy the best flavor of lobsters.

How Do You Cook Lobster at Home?

Here is a quick process of cooking lobsters at home.

Put water with one tablespoon of salt in a large pan and put it on high flame for boiling. Then place the lobsters headfirst into the water. Give them 9 minutes of cooking time until the lobsters are fully done and remove it from the water when it changes its color to bright red.

Is Boiling or Steaming Lobster Better?

Steaming lobsters are more tender than boiled lobsters. In steaming, there are more flavors as less water penetrates inside the lobster. If you have a big gathering to feed, then boiling is the best method.


Everyone loves the seafood dinner menu at family gatherings. You can boil or steam your lobsters for the best taste. Steamed lobsters are tastier than boiled lobsters. You can serve many side dishes with boiled or steamed lobster.

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