How to Choose the Best Crab for Crab Boil

How to Choose the Best Crab for Crab Boil

Crab boil is very famous in the USA. A seafood boil is a one-pot meal full of flavors and tastes. If you want to try out seafood boil in Greensboro, Red Crab Juicy Seafood is the best option for you. Red Crab Juicy Seafood determine to serve the freshest crab and seafood for you. Experts choose fine quality crabs for the restaurant to serve the best taste to their customers. If you want to buy crabs for a seafood boil here are some tips for you.

Place of buying is important

Buying a crab from the supermarket may have some risks involved. You always buy seafood from a seafood market where there is a quick turnover of crabs. The most important thing to keep in mind is that you should never buy crabs soaked in water. In some places, crabs are put in water for 6 hours so that their gills remain wet. Then shopkeepers store these crabs. As you know crabs can survive until their gills remain wet. So always buy crabs for your crab boil from a reputable supplier who properly stores crabs.

If you want to order crabs from an online seafood market it is a great option for you. Those who love seafood generally stay away from the supermarket’s frozen crabs. As they may be less in price, but they have less meat and less in flavors. You can go for canned or frozen crabs if you don’t have any other alternative. For making seafood boil, you should go for fresh crabs. As many people love seafood boil in Greensboro, you can easily make it at home with fresh crabs.

Selection of best crab for crab boil

Choosing the best crab for a seafood boil depends on many factors. Some of them are below.

Freshness of crabs

Like all seafood, a crab should not have any smell. They may have a neutral odor. If you smell ammonia, it is an ultimate sign that crabs are not fresh. Other symptoms from which you can identify that crabs are not fresh are the presence of black spots and barnacles.

Gender & Size of the crab

If you buy a male crab, it will more eco-friendly option. In some areas, there is overharvesting of female crabs which led to the depopulation of female crabs. It is very easy to identify male and female crabs. Male crabs have narrow, long center plates on their belly, while female crabs have oval, triangular, and wide plates. Additionally, there are blue tips on the claws of male crabs. On the other hand, female crabs have red tips on their claws. Select a crab that is around 5-½ inches wide. Large crabs are better as they yield more meat. Price also depends on the size of the crab. Wider crabs are usually more expensive.

Maturity of crabs

The meatiest crabs are those that are near the end of their current life cycle and proceeding toward another molt. The mature crabs should have the hardest shell and be full of water and flesh. You can estimate the maturity of a crab by its shell. However, the claws of crabs have minimum molting. You can also check scratches, mark ranks, and battle marks to estimate their maturity. Additionally, immature crabs always have shiny, bright shells with sharp claw teeth. You can estimate the maturity of crabs by their yellow, rust-tinged surface, with firm bulging segments. You have to press a segment on its belly. If it has more water inside the shell as compared to the flesh, then this crab goes through fresh molting. Additionally, freshly molted crabs have soft spots, flat segments, and a clean bluish surface.

Storing of crabs for crab boil

You have to cook live crabs within 2 days. You should never cook dead crabs. However, you can cook frozen crabs by defrosting them with proper precautions. When you open the canned crabs, cook them immediately. You should never cook dead crabs. In addition, if you defrost crabmeat and again freeze it, it may have contaminations and is not safe for eating.

Some other signs of fresh crabs for crab boil

Fresh crab has no smell. However, they have a mildly sweet odor. If a crab has a bitter, sour, or rotting smell then it is a sign of a dead crab. Spoiled crabs also have a rancid and fishy smell.

The other thing you have to notice is the color of the flesh. Fresh crab meat is juicy and plump and bright and white. At some points, there are reddish rinds where meat and shell meet. Any other color except this is not acceptable. A crab never has yellowish or brownish flesh. If you notice any darkness in the white meat, it shows that the crab’s meat may have had a long exposure to the air.

The other thing to notice in crabs’ meat is that they should not have a slimy texture. Fresh crab meat has clean flesh and is moist too. If you find any kind of slimness or mucus it may show a sign of bacterial growth. These may happen due to improper storage issues. Improper chilling and humidity are also the main factor of sliminess.

When you are going for a fresh crab, check out the firmness of its flesh. Fresh crab meat should have firm meat rather than mushy or soft textured meat. When a crab puts on ice, enzymes in its body cause the firmness of flesh immediately, turning meat into mush.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best crab for a boil?

You can choose your favorite crab for making your crab seafood boil. However, Dungeness crab legs serve the best taste in a seafood boil. Other options are snow crabs, king crabs, and spiny lobsters.

How can you tell the quality of a crab?

You can check the quality of crabs by evaluating the meat’s firmness and bounciness of flesh. If you noticed that some parts of the meat are semi-solid or mushy, it is a sign that the crab was dead before cooking. As you know, cooking dead crabs is not good for your health. So, avoid that kind of meat.

What should I look for when buying crabs?

You should always buy live crabs. Live and healthy crabs have more taste and flavors. Check the age of the crab by looking at its shell. Moreover, check its flesh. Fresh crabs have firm meat. If you notice any sliminess, avoid buying these kinds of crabs.

How long should crabs be boiled?

You can boil crabs for 6-8 minutes. Boil water in a pot and put crabs in it. You can take out crabs from boiling water when they start floating on the boiling water surface. After boiling meat the color changes to a vibrant orange. Now place cooked crabs in ice-cold water.


It is very easy to find the best seafood boil in Greensboro. Red Crab Juicy Seafood is the only place to enjoy your seafood boil. As they use premium quality ingredients with fresh seafood.

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