Regional Take on the Classic Seafood Boil

If you are craving a hearty meal by the seaside but can go there, bring the ocean’s bounty to you with a delicious seafood boil. Head over to Red Crab Juicy Seafood and enjoy the best seafood boil in Greensboro! Seafood boil consists of various types of seafood along with seasonal vegetables. They are the heart of summertime parties in the south. Each region has its own variation of seafood and spices when it comes to a seafood boil. If you wish to host the perfect summertime party, we have some of our favorite regional variations of seafood boil. With these, you can experience the ocean’s comfort in your own backyard.

Louisiana Crawfish Boil

Louisiana is a seafood hub. Whether it be saltwater or fresh water. The most famous seafood boil is the Louisiana Crawfish Boil. The little, delicious crustaceans keep the seafood lovers busy in peeling, shucking, and slurping. It is the crawfish meat that makes this seafood boil very unique and extremely regional to Louisiana. Another thing that sets it apart from the other variations is the heavily spiced brew of the boil. It is super spicy, unlike any other!

To create this wonderful and spicy version of a seafood boil, the crawfish are first soaked and cleaned. While you clean them, you can put a pot of water on the stove for boiling. Loads of cayenne pepper, paprika, salt, hot sauce, lemon, crushed bay leaves, fresh garlic, and onion go into the pot and are put on simmer. Next, the crawfish is put in the pot along with the vegetables of your choice. These include corn, potatoes, celery, and bell peppers. Once fully cooked this scrumptious seafood boil is served hot.

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Georgia & South Carolina Seafood Boil

Georgia and South Carolina offer the low-country version of the seafood boil. This is also known as the Frogmore Stew. But don’t worry this boil does not have any frogs present in it. The name Frogmore comes from a community in St. Helena Island where this stew is said to have originated. The seafood they use in this boil is shrimp. This is because shrimp is readily available in this region.

Similar to the practice of the Louisiana seafood boil, this version tones down the heat just a little bit. Here you will see the use of black pepper as opposed to cayenne and malt vinegar in replacement of the hot sauce. Another unique addition to this seafood boil is sausages. Smoked sausages are cut into tiny circular disks and added to the boil along with potatoes and corn for a rich flavor.

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Chesapeake Bay Seafood Boil

The Chesapeake Bay seafood boil is completely different for the other southern feasts. For one their choice of seafood is the blue crab. This is because you can easily find blue crab at the Chesapeake Bay. Another unique feature of this boil is steaming instead of boiling. When making this boil the crabs are placed in large steaming pots along with rich helping of fragrant spices. The simmering liquid used for steam is often beer, a combination of beer and vinegar or just vinegar. This depends on the chef’s choice. The crabs are steamed without any other ingredient. Once fully cooked the crab meat is slathered with seasoning and served with a side of coleslaw and corn.

New England Seafood Boil

When you travel up the coast you will find the epic New England Boil. It is famously regarded as the New England Clam Bake. This boil features all sorts of mollusks. This traditional clam bake starts with a fire pit. These pits are generally dig in the beach and then lined with stones. After preparing coals in the pit the mussels and clams are carefully arranged inside. They are then draped with freshwater seaweed. This helps in creating a steamy environment. Once they are cooked, little to no seasoning is added. This lets the natural sea flavors shine. This dish comes with a variation of lobster meat too. The New England Clam Bake is served with a side of corn and potatoes with a little melted butter.

Texas Crawfish Boil

Those who love crawfish will definitely adore the Texas Crawfish Boil. This version is also the most loved seafood boil in Greensboro. To achieve the traditional rich flavor of this boil you have to make sure to buy live crawfish. The crawfish for this boil is cooked with sausages for the extra kick of flavor. Potatoes are also added to the boil base to soak up all the flavor. This recipe is created with a mix of seafood seasonings and Cajun spices for the perfect flavor.

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Florida Shrimp Boil

If you can’t get enough of shrimp, then the Florida Shrimp Boil is for you. This dish combines the tropical flavors of the Caribbean and Florida by pairing summer squash, garlic, sweet potato and chili pepper with shrimp. You can also add seafood seasoning to the boil for extra flavors. Along with shrimp, white fish such as Tilapia is also added to this boil for extra protein.

Now that you have some classic seafood boil inspiration, its time to get your family in one place and enjoy the wonderful seafood extravaganza. you can choose one of the recipes above or add your on variation to these regional boils. To enjoy thebest seafood boil in Greensboro head over to Red Crab Juicy Seafood!


Hiba Nadeem

Hiba Nadeem