10 Most Popular Cajun Seafood Dishes to Try

10 Most Popular Cajun Seafood Dishes to Try

Louisiana’s food is legendary and if you are an adventurous soul with the stomach of a foodie, then a culinary road trip through the Cajun country is a must on the bucket list. However, if you can’t take out time to travel and enjoy the delectable, mouthwatering cuisines of this place then you should definitely try them at your local restaurants of Cajun seafood in Greensboro.

Cajun seafood is without a doubt one of the most delicious styles of cooking seafood. So much so that the heart of this cuisine, the Southern Louisiana city has won the title of the best food city in the United States. It is not only the seafood of this place that’s fascinating but the Acadian people too. These individuals have a rich history and culture associated with them and this is what reflects in their food.

Cajun cuisine was not created overnight. It was years of alterations, and changes in places and environments. As well as the dedication of the Acadian people to keep their food alive, and following their traditions, is what led to the emergence of the wonderful Cajun spices and seafood dishes that the world loves today.

If you are visiting Louisiana or are enjoying seafood in your hometown, here is a list of the top 10 Cajun seafood dishes that are a must-try.

1. Étouffée


Étouffée is a Cajun dish that consists of a seafood stew served with rice. It is one of the staple seafood dishes on the Cajun menu. While the essential ingredients of the dish stay the same the choices of meats can vary. During the spring season when there is the availability of fresh crawfish the locals add crawfish meat to the seafood stew. At other times they use shrimp or crab meat. However, the other ingredients, spices, and methods of cooking stay the same. This gives you the liberty to enjoy this classic Cajun dish with your choice of meat.

2. Seafood Boil

Seafood Boil

Next comes the famous seafood boil. The fame of the Cajun seafood boil is not a surprise to any soul. This is a spicy one-pot dish that is a feast for celebration at festivals, parties, and events. Some restaurants of Cajun seafood in Greensboro also cook and serve this dish to mark the start of the seafood season. All that you need for this large pot of seafood broth. You can pick the meat of your choice.

Some restaurants serve all options that are crab, shrimp, and crawfish boil, while others just stick to the classic crawfish boil. This seafood broth has vegetables and seasoning it along with the crustaceans. You might also have the option of adding sausages and mushrooms to the pot. But this addition is solely based on personal preference.

3. Po’ Boys

Po’ Boys

Po’ Boys is yet another very popular and widely loved Cajun dish. It is a seafood sandwich that is very common in New Orleans and the southern part of Louisiana. Traditionally, it is served hot and stuffed with fried oysters and shrimp.

4. Char Blackened Fish

Char Blackened Fish

Char Blackened fish is a spicy seafood dish. The fish is coated with multiple layers of spices and cooked on an iron skillet at high heat. The heat leaves a char-black coating on the fish but the outside, but it remains moist and delicious on the inside. This dish will give you an idea of what Cajun cooking tastes like. The rich spices, meat, and hearty flavor all of it is a symbol of Louisiana-style seafood.

5. Jambalaya


Jambalaya is a spicy one-pot meal, its original recipe includes andouille sausage and shellfish along with celery and rice stew. This dish is very close to the Spanish dish Paella.

6. Pain Perdu

Pain Perdu

Pain Perdu is a Louisianan name for French toast. The word Pain Perdu in French means ‘lost bread’. The name suggests that the common egg-smothered and fried bread recipe used to be a way to revive stale bread. When making Pain Perdu the French toast is made the same way with the added twist of a cream cheese filling in the toast.

7. Gumbo


Gumbo is Louisiana-style spicy seafood and meat stew with okra. This stew is thickened with file, a dried sassafras leaves herb. File is a very common seasoning in the Cajun kitchen.

8. Boudin Balls

Boudin Balls

Boudin is a pork sausage with spicy Cajun spices, green onions, and rice. To make this sausage even more delicious boudin balls are tiny pieces of boudin that are battered and deep-fried. This unique Cajun dish is usually served on food carts roadside. Every person who loves to enjoy this delicious dish has a spot they frequent to.

9. Maque Choux

Maque Choux

Maque Choux is a Cajun side. It is made of corn, onion, and bell pepper, braised in a pot with stock and seasonings. Sometimes it is served in a pie crust to add a bit of a fancy element to its presentation.

10. Alligator


Last but not least, Alligator. Yes, you read it right, alligator and other local game meats are very common when it comes to Cajun cooking. You can find an alligator dish on almost every menu at the restaurants of Cajun seafood in Greensboro. Some restaurants serve it as grilled white tail meat which is seasoned and stuffed with a crab and shrimp blend. This grilled meat is then drizzled with an etouffée sauce. Many individuals find it appetizing and keep going back to have more very frequently.


Hiba Nadeem

Hiba Nadeem